Loss of A Child – Does the Pain Ever Go Away?




“I am getting pressure from my family.  I need to have my son back.”  I fell into my chair not believing what I was hearing.  We had our son since he was three days old and now a year later, she was asking for him back.  Our lawyer said “Give him back.”  Words that will resonate fear and pain forever.

When I wrote my memoir, Battered Hope, one of the many traumas I share is losing our young son and the pain that penetrated like none other.  Then a year later, we adopted another little boy and his mother changed her mind before we ever got to hold him. I knew I was going to be a mommy but my hope was withering. 

Another year passed and bliss came into our lives.  We adopted our perfect little boy.  We raised him as our own and loved him unconditionally through many difficulties.  This is the role I was meant to play.  Nothing made me happier than being a mother except becoming a grandmother of not just one grandson, but two.

I cried a lot of tears but they were tears of joy.  Living near our son and his wonderful family was the fulfillment I had always dreamed of and hoped for. I got to baby-sit often and loved every moment filled with hugs and laughter.

Then, without warning of any kind, the day after our wedding anniversary celebration, our son and family announced he was walking away from our family.  There was no room for negotiation or explanation.  It was worse than divorce and much more like a death.  Shock is not a powerful enough word.  A stab in the heart is not a strong enough statement. 

My doctor told me that dying of heart break can actually happen and I had all the symptoms. Putting one foot in front of the other was all I could manage some days, yet had to continue my business and function like nothing happened. It was a dark place and difficult to rise above and yet, I had to find some way to laugh, and not cry any more tears.

Trying to cope each day took all my concentrated effort.  I went through all the phases of grief and asked all the questions, but never got any answers.

In Battered Hope, I survived rape, marital abuse, divorce, seven major financial losses, jail, cancer, attempted suicide and more.  But the deepest pain of all was this loss of family.  Nothing can replace it.  I do not understand it.  I continue to believe it will be healed.  I will never give up hope. 

 Have you had a similar experience? How did you cope? 


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