Importance of Goal Setting

The importance of goal setting is evident among busy professionals. They work full time and still manage to have fun with their family. They extend their hands for community service and still manage to have time for their hobbies.  


Their secret lies not in controlling time, but in managing time. This is one result of goal setting.


The importance of goal setting, however, is not limited to professionals. All successful people understand and acknowledge the importance of goal setting. Athletes, doctors, lawyers etc. have used goal setting to improve their lives.


Goal Setting is a Map


Identify an area of your life where you want advancement. Then work through the goal process that follows:


A. Identify the exact goal


Ask yourself these questions: What do you really want in life? What is your purpose and your objective?


Time, however, often changes the way we look at things. One day you may want to be a published romance novelist. The next day you may want to be a water color painter. When this change of heart happens, don’t despair. There’s nothing wrong with changing a goal for another goal. Change is a part of life. But having an objective, an exact goal at present, will give you a direction to go. Changing that goal along the way is just one of the events that you’ll encounter along the way.


B. Identify the completion date


Goals should have a definite time of completion. It is not a goal if it doesn’t have a specific time of completion. That’s just a daydream.  


Goals are definite and realistic. It isn’t a goal when you say, “I want to be a novelist within my lifetime.” That is a dream. A goal must be put this way, “I want to be a published author before I reach 35.” This gives you motivation to push your pens and write that novel. It pushes you to reach your goal.


C. Identify the evolution of the goal


Change is inevitable. And it applies even to goals.


Goals may evolve into something else, maybe even better than your earlier goals. If you wanted to be a published author before the age of 35, that goal may evolve into something like: a published Young Adult novelist before the age of 35, and have a written a script for a video game.


Goal Setting Is Your Vision


When you set a goal, you are seeing a vision yourself in the near future. Imagine if you accomplished the goal you have after five years! It would be like you predicted what you will became five year ago!



Having a vision not only makes you feel content with life yourself, it also gives you purpose. Goals push you to look ahead and go forward, instead of living in the past.

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