How to keep your Facebook Account Secure


Facebook is one of the most popular Social networking site, rather I would say one of the most popular site came to existence in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a Harvard Computer Science student.

Can you imagine your day without Facebook today? I can’t ..

Facebook has grown into a global phenomenon branching out to users of all ages. In fact, Facebook’s current fastest growing demographic is women over the age of 55. Each day Facebook welcomes traffic from grandparents, parents and “children” and grandchildren alike.The business community too utilizes Facebook to gain recognition for its products and services, which in turn creates new jobs and professional opportunities.


So the bottom line is Everyone is using Facebook today.

With the gaining popularity, Security issue has become our biggest concern. There are thousands of creative, bizarre and unthinkable crimes happening using people’s Facebook account everyday. These tech savvy criminals are always looking for a chance to intervene in somebody else’s life. But being a little extra alert, you can protect your privacy and peace. I have collected some useful tips to keep your account secure, let me share those tips with you.


Secure Browsing

Whenever you type the URL of Facebook, always use “https” instead of “http”. It will encrypt your communications and provide you a greater level of protection.And make sure to login from domain only.


Dedicated Email Address

Always use a dedicated email address for Facebook, which should not be linked to any other entity like bank accounts or business E-mail account. It will save your  money or business data in case your Facebook account has been hacked.


Connect your account with your mobile phone

Connect your Facebook account with a phone number, and verify it. So that, in case of hacking it will help you to claim your ownership. You may also activate the text messaging service for getting notifications on your mobile phone.


Keep a Secure & Strong Password

The security level of your password should be high and unique.

Don’t use the same password for your other accounts.

Add a security question.

Reset your password in every few days.

And don’t forget to add a security question.


Facebook Privacy settings

Always adjust privacy settings before you start using the account.

Keep everything shared with “Friends” or “Only me”.

Under “how you connect” select whatever level you are comfortable with.

Restrict using apps, remove any unwanted apps, under “how people bring your information to apps they use”, put selective mark on whatever you can share with public.

Never enable or deselect “Instant personalization” and Public search. If you are not at all interested in third party apps then you can Turn-off all apps as well.

Basic and contact info should also be precise.


Make Selective friends


Sign-Out properly

Make sure to sign-out after using Facebook app. And follow this rule strictly when using shared computer.


Never install unknown application.


Never click suspicious links.


Disable online chat if possible – Hackers use chat to attack.


Avoid public places to access social networking site if possible.


Use one time password if accessing your account through somebody else’s system.


Protect your Facebook account from malicious attacks

Use a security app in order to keep your account secure.

I can suggest you to use Bitdefender Safego. It is a free app for your Facebook account. It protects you, and your friends from malware threats that attempt to exploit the trust you’ve built with them.

SafeGo keeps you safe from all sorts of e-trouble, including scams, spam, malware, and private data exposure.

If you are looking for other apps to help keep your computer “clean” then visit the  Computer Stuffs page of HELP MY COMPUTER NOW. 


Here is an E-Book showing how you can keep you and your family safe while using  Facebook.  You can read or download to read later.  





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