Getting Started with an E-commerce business

Many people coming online to start an online business are looking more and more into having an E-commerce business.

For those of you who are not sure what an E-commerce store is – It is a a virtual store where you can sell your products such as books, crafts or other types of merchandise.

Like any online business there are the pros and cons to weigh when starting this kind of home business such as


  • The cost to start is low
  • Low overhead
  • Automated system
  • Access to a Global market


  • Work to get people to the store
  • Creating credibility ( translate getting customers)
  • It takes time to get known


In my opinion, the Pros outweigh the cons for creating an E-commerce store but like anything that is virtual and especially with selling there are steps you need to consider and adapt to make your E-Commerce store work for you.


Here are just a few tips that will give you a greater chance of being seen and more important getting customers on your E-commerce store.


1. Create a site, not just a site but a great site! You have to have an easy to navigate site so that you will be seen and taken seriously. It must look professional, where images and content will load quickly and please.. no dead links!

2. Make sure that you have the ability to process payments easily and as seamless as possible. There are a variety of good payment plugins that you can get and if you are with an E-Commerce host, you will or should be able to set this up with a minimum of effort.

3. Optimize your E-commerce Store!

If you want buyers, then you need to think of making sure that you have SEO friendly page URLs and product keywords. Your content in descriptions have to be thought of in terms of what a potential buyer would look for if they did a search on any number of search engines 

4. Advertise!

Set up accounts with different E-Commerce sites such as



Adlandpro Free Classified Advertising


( You can do a search for other sites that will help you be seen on different E-commerce style sites and Free classified advertising networks)

5. Learn to use social media to leverage how your store will be seen

a) Everyone knows that in todays market, people are turning more and more to friends and family to find out what to buy, where to buy and how much will it cost! Use “recommendation marketing” to get the word out about your product. Use “social reviews” to help share what you are selling.  

b) Isn’t it the truth, we are very visual people and did you know that close to 50% of our brains are used to process what we see? Using interest and now a days Instagram is a not brainer when it comes to showing off your products, books or your other merchandize!

C) Make a point of increasing your exposure to your E-commerce site by adding social buttons.  Adding great content to your store and having that ability to have it shared could mean a new customer to what you are selling.

Other ways to market your E-commerce store are

Email marketing

Having a Facebook and Google Plus business page


 The bottom line is that having an E-commerce store is an exciting and great way to have a work from home job. Pick the strategies and tactics that will work the best for you and if you know of others, I would love to hear them on the comment form below.




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