Formalin detection in only 5 Seconds


A great invention has been made that will save both time and money. As of now, we don’t have to wait one day to get the result whether the product has formalin more than the level of acceptance or not!

A group of researchers lead by Dr. Md. Shafiquzzaman Siddique, former graduate of SAU(Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural university), Sher-E Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh has invented such technology with formalin in food can be detected within 5 seconds. This research took place in Bio-Technology research institute of UMS(Universiti Malaysia Sabah), Malaysia. National News Agency of Malaysia, Bernama has published this recently.

Dr. Md. Shafiquzzaman Siddique said, “With this new device, we can detect formalin in fish within 5 seconds, where previously it took a whole day to get the result. It can detect with success rate of 99%!! The graduates of this university were trying to invent such device and at last they succeeded”.

Formalin is a toxic substance which is injurious to health if it enters into our body more than normal level and continuously over a long period of time. It is usually used as a preservative to protect fish or fruit from being rotten. But WHO and EPA( U.S Environmental protection Agency) have set the limit of formalin in food. The limit is 5 micrograms per gram of formalin is considered acceptable. If this limit is exceeded, then it will do great harm to our body.

Dr. Shafiquzzaman Siddique has also stated that the fishery industry usually uses formalin to protect fish from bacteria and to keep fish fresh! But this one is so dangerous that whether you boil the fish properly or not, formalin will stay in the food. Long term ingestion of this harmful material may cause life threatening cancer”.


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