Dreams – Where you you Like to Be one Year from Now?

Dreams are a great way to envision your life.

I love the movie, “the Ultimate Gift” in it a deceased Grandfather leaves his ungrateful Grandson a series of unusual inheritance gifts that ultimately change his life. One of the most powerful gifts is the gift to dream.

 Some people never get to the place in their life where they can envision a better future for themselves and slowly plod through life with very little improvement; others on the other side of the scale are considered “dreamers”, living with their head in the clouds, they are always thinking of what could have been or what might have been but can never seem to bring their dreams to fruition. Then there is yet another group, and this is the group I would like to fall into, the group that can formulate a dream and through hard work and diligence manage to make their dream a reality.

 So…where would you like to see yourself in one year? Take a calendar and circle the date one year from now and begin to dream; the dreams or visions could be spiritual, emotional, physical or all three. When you have your dream formulated in your mind ask yourself, ” Now, how am I going to get there?”.

 Goal setting – setting goals can be one of the scariest things a person can do; there is the fear of failure, the fear of success, all of it summed up in those awful nagging questions…,”Can I really do this?”,” What if I don’t make my goal?’,” What if I do make my goal what then?”,” I’m not like “so & so”.” , “I don’t have the skills”.

Setting your goals (short term and long term) is going to involve taking your questions, the nagging fears and doubts and finding answers, concrete solutions, that give you peace. Let’s just go over a few.

 “I don’t have the skills.”

 In today’s world with the internet; all you need is a Google search and the time to teach yourself. Youtube videos, website and training courses are all online and most are free. So get training – enjoy the process of learning again and share what you learn with others. Training yourself is never a waste of time – it will help you reach your goals faster and with less stress. Give yourself permission to take the time for training- leaders read and leaders watch good videos on the topics where they need to improve themselves and their business.

 “I’m not like “so and so”.”

 Be thankful you’re not! Each person has unique God given talents that will make their business personable and distinctive. Your family and friends connect with you, they trust you and your opinions, optimize on that.

 What if I don’t reach my goal or what if I do?

 A goal is just that… a goal… it means you have a dream, a vision or plan and you are taking steps to achieve that plan or vision. So the goal is not the end all or be all of your thinking. If you don’t reach it, you just reevaluate, find your strengths and your weakness, get more training if you need it, celebrate your successes and set that new goal – the fact is you are much closer to reaching the dream you envisioned for yourself by having followed your goal; regardless of how far you have come.

 “What about the fear of success?”

 Examine your life’s philosophy, often times when we are afraid of success we are actually afraid of what will happen after success, you may be still harboring childish notations of jinxes and such; as a Christian I hold to the scripture that says, “The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.”, no sorrow – so nothing to fear here. Sorrow may still come to my life but it is not a result of God’s blessing on my work. Now there is peace.

  So where do you want to be one year from now?

 Take the time to evaluate your life, dream your dreams, envision your vision, and make long term and short term goals to accomplish your dream and make it a reality.


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