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 Lets have an honest dialogue about cyberbullies!

While going through my mail today, I was reading of yet another person bullying another person online and a part of me wanted to jump up and go through the computer screen and tell the bully to stop and yet that did not happen as it would not be possible. These bullies know that by the way and they just keep hurting and destroying people day after day!

We think of children when we talk about bullying especially online [cyberbullying] and yet the harsh and horrible reality is that more and more adults are dealing with this crime every day on social networks, blogs and forums and you don’t have to be rich or famous to be attacked, you just have to be in the right place at the wrong time to get under their microscope!

In many cases people do not realize that their behavior is indeed bullying or harassing and usually all it takes is a person to say something and it will stop..no I am not talking about that person, I am talking about those people who we call  trolls ( wrong word by the way) who deliberately go out of their way to cause harm to others for the sake of hurting and destroying of another person.

I would like to take you through a series of questions and answers specifically about the forum bully, but would like you to keep in mind that bullying and harassment is happening on every social network and also on blogs. Adapt the answers to these other networks and act accordingly.

  What is forum?

Online forums are similar but different to Facebook,Twitter etc.

Online forums just like the other social networks have their different groups of people or cliques example “hashtags”, “communities” ( G+) or groups (Facebook).

Forums are different because of their nature of being closed groups

 They are formed by groups of people interested in different topics

 They are thought leaders, followers, outsiders wanting specific answers and people wanting to socialize

 While there are no hard statistics, the fact is online forums are still popular today

What is a Forum Bully?

These people consider themselves self appointed protectors of their version of truth.

 Forum bullies disguise their intentions with wanting to help others especially new people.

 They mix their helpful posts with posts of intimidation.

 They state their opinions regardless of accuracy or consequences and then blame others for their own faults when called out.

They feel compelled to address every single thread in a forum that they disagree with the purpose to make others “look” bad.

forum bully is not the same as a troll and they should not be confused.

Trolls will try to exploit small inconsistencies in something that has been posted to cause a flame war, the bully is more subtle and harder to see in the beginning.

 How Do you spot a forum bully?

They usually hide behind personas or IPs so that they will not be found out.

The key is in how the bully will comment to others.

The forum bully will tell others what to do.

They mix their attacks so that you are kept off guard to their intentions.

The will never attack other respected members of the forum.

 When called out for their behavior, they will try to act like the victim or will say that they are just being blunt and you are the problem for being so thin skinned.

They will send private messages, gossiping about others or warning to stay away from another member or topic.

 They will gather a lot of followers to make themselves popular to get people on their side. * On social networks they will gather fake followers 

When or if banned from a forum they will go to other networks to talk against their victims.

  How do you think people are being affected?


The effects can cause emotional problems such as
unable to sleep, lack of appetite, depression, “edgy”, feelings of being isolated.

Many people start feeling unsafe and afraid

People have stated that they Feel confused and stressed out wondering what to do and why this is happening to them.

Far too many victims feel shame that this is happening to them!

 Physical symptoms might include heart racing, headaches, trembling, palpitations.

Many victims become hypersensitive needing to know where their attacker is and will spend hours keeping track of the bully ready to react to their abuse.


To be harassed by this kind of person sure can wear you down and yet like anything in life there are ways and means to deal with this kind of person

Avoid reacting to these kind of people. They want you to say something and in fact they thrive on it!

Block the person and contact the ISP host to have their posts removed if at all possible.

Keep a record of calls, messages, posts and emails that may be hurtful or harmful to you

Find out how to report bullying and harassment on each of the different social networks that you use

Log out and stop messaging if you feel you are being harassed.

Always remember that freedom to say whatever you want has a price tag and just like a person shouting fire in a movie theater to create chaos for fun is not allowed neither is cyber bullying. If You need help understanding freedom of speech, then I strongly suggest that you read Limits of Freedom of Speech

*Editors note:  While I have used the word “forum” throughout this post, I feel it important to note that cyberbullying happens throughout all social networking and never be fooled that it is only on forums that this behavior is occurring.





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