Autoresponder: How can people trust or believe on what you say?

Autoresponder Marketing Strategy For Business Success

By Jeng Cua


There are Several types of marketing strategies and how do you go about picking the right ones for your home business or any business that you are doing?



Most people go out to the internet selling their stuffs without even knowing if those people are interested to what they offer. Studies have shown that only few people generally trust strangers.


So, how can you persuade someone to buy your product if they do not know and trust you?



How can people trust or believe on what you say?


This is a good question, so let’s see if we can shed some light on this topic in today’s post.


Okay, let’s start by looking to the auto responder Marketing Strategy – one type of marketing strategy that may be best for your business.


Be Successful In The Eyes Of Your Prospects…


You need to be an expert in your field for you to look so much more successful in the eyes of your prospects. Be credible and get them to know, like and trust you to grow your audience. The truth is, your audience won’t pick up real momentum until you’ve mastered the “know, like, trust” formula. Some new marketers are still struggling to get it right.




Start with attracting attention and builds your reputation online — it lets people see who you are, what value you can give them, how you can solve their problems and why you’re worth listening to. By doing this, your audience will grow in constantly to the quality of content that you create and deliver.


It is essential to work on getting a consistent flow of leads – how profitable you end up becoming is relative not only the number of leads you produce but to what you do with those leads. You need to know how to monetize those leads to convert into sales.


Benefit Of Autoresponder Marketing Strategy


Building relationships is your key to success. An auto-responder or automated email is a powerful marketing tools that can be used in building the know, like and trust with your laser targeted prospects.


You can set up your auto responder or automated email after a user’s email address is captured from the optin page or squeeze page. Typically the end goal of an auto responder email series is converting that user to a purchaser or customer.



An Auto responder Marketing Strategy offer a unique benefits in that they can produce results with a limited amount of effort on your part after the initial build out of email sequence – your sales funnel.


It’s a marketing tool that will automatically send messages out for you to people who are interested in your business. This is one of the best returns on a marketing investment for your business that you will ever get. Once a visitor has subscribed to your autoresponder you can continue to send them email messages forever, or until they “unsubscribed” themselves from your mailing list.



Remember money is in your lists…..


Autoresponder Marketing Strategy : How Does It Work?


An auto responder is an automated sequence of emails that are triggered when a user signs up for subscription, newsletter, free consultations or when people voluntarily provides an email address to your company using an optin page or squeeze page.


This is how an Optin Page or Squeeze Page may looks like:





Create a compelling email. This could be your own story by creating your Attractive Character. The law of attraction is the same if you are selling yourself to the opposite sex or if you are selling products. You must understand how to use this attraction to your business to get amazing result that you want.




Identify the problem of your target audience. Provide solutions, tips or demonstration video to solve their problem. If you love to do videos, you can provide valuable informations thru video or if you’re good in writing you can provide good articles to your mailing lists.




Having an effective call to action is an essential part of your email marketing campaign. When you already build the trust with your subscribers it is now your duty to convert these subscribers to buyers.


Limiting the number of choices a user has to make we reduce the amount of mental effort. A call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do.


They should include active words such as:


Buy Join Now!





Finally, don’t wait for the “perfect” moment to get started because it will never come. Just get started and make the absolutely best out of what you have at your disposal right now – because that, my friend, is the surest recipe for success.


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