Are Opportunity Seekers Different than Entrepreneurs?


An Entrepreneur is one has possession of an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.

An Opportunity Seeker Is a person that pursues an established opportunity, such as “joining” an Opportunity SeekerMLM Marketing organization.

Coming on the Internet 6 years ago, I  chased links to some outrageous Headlines. Further research, of course, indicated there was very little substance in most of the Opportunity Claims. I was curious why the Time and energy was not spent seeking Entrepreneurs instead of Opportunity Seekers. Interviewed a few prosperous marketers and they disclosed no one really want to endure the journey to Entrepreneurial lifestyle, because it frankly takes WORK, some habit changes, and a totally different Mindset.

Some feel that the 92% of Opportunity Seekers  are involved with a company which provides their distributors a product owned specifically by the company, some training and discuss a seemingly smooth Journey to abundance, with little direction to the establishment of the Entrepreneur Spirit.

And the other 8% of  Marketers that are truly considered Entrepreneurs, achieve goals that many people could only dream of.


The following are some Traits found in Entrepreneurs:

  • An Entrepreneur possesses an overpowering need to achieve and tends to be very competitive against themselves
  • They have the determination and dedication to follow through with commitments and they always appear confident and in control.
  • The Entrepreneur also possesses a positive atmosphere. They are of the mindset “I can,” and “I will.”
  • They are not afraid of failure because failure is not in their vocabulary nor is it an option.
  • Entrepreneurs  are objective but have the ability to weigh risks realistically within the big picture.
  • They have an uncanny ability to anticipate developments which gives them the edge on many competitive situations.
  • Entrepreneurs seem to feel right from their gut, call it instinct.
  • They are a resourceful group that possess excellent problem solving skills and are able to diligently work through obstacles as they occur.
  • Entrepreneurs are excellent communicators and recognize how important clear and concise communication is to their success.
  • They also possess a sound working knowledge of the business they are involved in.


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