What is in a Name?





What is in a name and does it matter?

What is in a name?


I encountered a conversation in this forum where two (2) parties were discussing the name of “God” or as some would call him, “Allah.”

I was disturbed when I initially read the exchange because I do not have the mind of God but would rest assured He would not be pleased to hear anyone in discord over what to call Him. So, I offered my unsolicited comments to one of the parties of the exchange and have yet to hear how my response was received.

This world since the infraction in the Garden of Eden has been building up in evil gestures everyday. The minute affairs of the heart, social discord, and physical calamities has increased and steadily increasing all the time. However, no one is interested in why and attempts to display any interest in how to change the course of events.

Scripture tells us in Matthew 24:1-4 about the signs of the coming of Christ and you would think human beings would be interested and ready for His return. However, exchanges relating what His name is will not be an issue in the end time. “For many will come in My name saying, “I am the Christ, ” and mislead many” verse 4. Earthquakes in divers places, nation rising again nation, kingdom against kingdom…these are the beginnings of the torment to come.

So, reading the exchange of difference about what to call the Supreme Being did not appear to be of great importance when observing the grand scheme of things going on in the world. The brotherly love Dr. Martin Luther King Jr died for has yet to be received. I contend human beings are the most intelligent creatures God created but His intelligence has not been exercised to live in harmony.

It matters what you call the Supreme Being but in your “quiet place”. He knows you are calling out to Him and He hears your calls wherever you may be. Let us not wrestle with mere technicality of sorts on what to call Him as long as you call on Him.

May the Creator cleanse the discord and open the minds of the parties to accept each others views because those views have been shaped by one’s experiences and no two people share the same experience. 



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