What are Blogs and Websites?

Blogs and websites seem to have a lot of interest these days especially for the many folks offline who are wanting to get onto the net to sell their products and services.

The other day I was talking to a store owner close to where I live and we got to chatting about being online. I asked him if he considered being online to help his business and his reply was that he was on Facebook, what more did he need? You would be surprised by the many people who are thinking like this and maybe its because I work online, I kind of shook my head.

How many people offline in local stores are taking advantage of what the net has to offer them in terms of traffic and getting more people into their doors? From where I am sitting not as many people as there should be!

For everyone’s information Facebook is a social network not a website and what a business (local or global) needs is a website and a blog to get traffic that will equal more customers coming through their door.

I have been trying to think of analogy to get people I talk to understand why a website and a blog  are so important for their business and while Major companies have figured it all out, many local businesses are losing out and losing out big time!

If you have ever read Miss Marple by Agatha Christie you would know that Miss Marple was a spinster who solved crimes using her village life experiences to draw analogies with crime.  In my case ( and no I am not a spinster) I also like to use real life experiences to help people understand things when it comes to social media, blogging and websites.

Miss Marple explaining what a blog and website is

Donning my Miss Marple Hat, I have finally come up with an analogy to explain the difference between a website and a blog that will make sense the the person who knows nothing about the internet and such crazy things.

Lets start with a website ( remember this is talking to a person down the street who has a local pizza joint)…

A website is like a virtual store front that contains information about the products and services. Thinking of that pizza joint, it would have nice pictures of the different kinds of pizzas, the prices, location, times of opening and closing and other formal information to help the consumer make up their minds about what kind of pizza they want. There is no interactivity, it is what it is..a virtual store front.  Of course it is more involved, but I am talking to the new person who has never been on line.

The blog is attached to the store and its the salesman ( in a manner of speaking) who puts content that is fresh and enticing to potential customers. That content by the way is another way for the search engines find their store and what is even better, because it is interactive, people can talk to the store owners or representatives right on the blog. Another great thing about a blog is that you can take it to all the different social networks to talk about your pizzas and how they are made, the techniques and where you get your ingredients. This builds trust by the way and soon enough, you will get more people not only wanting your pizza, but walking into your real store to get.

Sherlock Holmes asks you for your opinion about blogs and websites

Well how did I do?  Time to take off the Miss Marple hat and invite you to put on your Sherlock Homes hat and let me know how you would talk to the local merchant?





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