Ufology – what are your thoughts on the topic?

Hi all, I’am new at blogging, so if I don’t do it right, please don’t get upset. I have always been interested in ufology for various reasons. My name is Mike Caron. Most of you know me.  The most important reason is that I cannot believe that our tiny little planet at the edge of the Milkyway Galaxy could be the only planet in the cosmos that could sustain life.  Also, if you read the bible very carefully, you will find several passages that prove that there is life in other areas outside Earth.  The most convincing proof, without going into detail, is the Story of the Tower of Bable.  Several years ago, in my hometown of Taunton, Massachusetts I wrote a free lance column for a local weekly newspaper on the subject. I received several letters from people that had had one or more experiences with sightings or close encounters.  I feel that like humans on Earth there are good, as well as bad extraterrestrials.  I would like your opinion on this topic.

Thank you P.S. if you are going to post snide remarks, please at least watch your language and respect others.)

Ufology fact or fiction


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