Ufology – 2

Ufology – Part two

Thank you all for your comments.  When I posted the blog I did not notice that my name did not show, but rather my 192260 ID.  Therefore, this is Mike Caron, (The guy with the walking trash can.)

I believe that there are several answers that could apply to this topic, therefore there is no wrong answer or right answer. GOD created the whole Universe, not just one planet in the universe. All that is seen and unseen, and all that lives was made by him. 

There have been many sightings of UFO’s or unidentified flying objects, many of which have been identified, however some of which have not.  There have also been witnesses to abductions plus those that have sighted strange beings around the world. Unfortunately  not all of those sightings were aliens.  I say unfortunately because a lot of taxpayers dollars in many countries have been spent funding Class 5 Labs where scientists are experimenting on crossing human DNA with animal and even plant DNA creating hybrids that cannot be classified as either human or animal.  When an experiment fails, the creation is discarded. Therefore, these scientists are playing GOD. Many would say that humans would not create anything that would destroy other humans. Why, then, do they create chemical bombs? Perhaps the reason that UFO’s are being sighted more often then ever before is that we are close to an intervention before we destroy every living thing on our planet.  How often do we have to see on the news, rows upon rows of innocent children lying dead as the result of experimenting with new kinds of chemicals to see if they work? If those from other planets are here to stop us from destroying one another, I welcome them, because I don’t believe that calling ourselves human is such a good thing to be anymore. In the very near future, when we buy hamburger from the supermarket we are going to have to ask if the meat came from a cow or a test tube.








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