Smartwatch: the watch of next generation!!

Smartwatch is knocking on the door!

In the world of technology the World is progressing very quickly and what is new today, is going to be old news next week or month!

The rapid development of technology is changing our life style, our ways of day to day living. Everyday new technology is coming at us to make our life more and more easy, comfortable and enjoyable.

Just as we all are busy choosing, buying and using  the smart phone,a new technology is knocking at our door – the Smartwatch!! 

With the Smartwatch being the new craze,and with  the advantages of having  almost all the same features of a smart phone, several companies have already began to design and introduce the Smartwatch in the market – Among them Sony, Samsung and Apple. 

Where the “old fashioned watch” was a tool only to tell the time, today’s Smartwatch will be able to; 

  • Tell the time
  • Be used as a phone
  • Connect with social networks like Facebook and twitter
  • Listen to music
  • Check the weather
  • Will have WIFI and bluetooth capabilities
  • Text messaging

Among the many companies looking at manufacturing the Smartwatch, Sony is one of the pioneers who will be launching their own Smartwatch. Due to the high price of the previously released Bluetooth watch and it’s less than stellar acceptance in the market, Sony stopped releasing the watch and have been busy designing the new Smartwatch which is to be released probably September, 2013.  According to Sony the predicted specifications will be: 

Smart watch by Sony

Image source: here

Weight: 23.2 gm

Screen: 1.6 inches

Screen resolution: 220 *176 pixel 

OS: Android 4.0 or above

Battery: 4-5 days

Communication: Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC

Water proof


Another giant technology company Samsung is also going to release a Smartwatch. It’s name will be Galaxy Gear. It’s approximate time of launch is the first week of September. 


Apple’s smartwatch name will be iwatch. It will use curved Gorilla Glass which can be easily folded around human body!  

Curved Gorilla Glass

Image source: techradar


Omate truesmart smartwatch is going to challenge the giant tech company as it has the distinction of functioning totally independent of a smart phone. With 1.3Ghz Dual core cortext A7, 1.54 inch 240×240 LG TFT display, Multitouch capacitive touch screen, 512 MB RAM , 4GB storage with microSD card, 5MP camera etc it is going to give us all the capabilities the of smart phone although it is a watch!

Another giant, Microsoft’s surface smartwatch may come on the market in 2014. 

It’s time to enter the new way of telling the time and communicating by putting a  Smartwatch on your wrist. No need to hide your smart device in your pocket anymore.

Go, grab your smart watch and enjoy the new world of technology!


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