Is It Real?

time to think "is it real"“Is it real?  Or is it Memorex?”

While I may be dating myself somewhat, I’m sure many of you will remember the Memorex cassette tape commercials. How about you? Even if you were a toddler, you will probably have a faint recollection of the ads.   

The commercials were for high quality (according to the ad) blank audio cassette magnetic recording tapes.  

These are what we had before CDs… before cassettes we had something called 8 tracks, the first truly portable and compact units for recorded sound, and before that, it was reel to reel tapes.  But I digress…

Memorex’s main selling feature was their exceptional sound quality. The memorable ads showed people trying to figure out if the sound they were hearing was live or a recording. The sound quality was so good, the ad ran, that it was impossible to tell if it was real (live) or Memorex. 

What a memorable ad. That simple line, “Is it Real or is it Memorex?” is still being used today, jokingly, in conversations everywhere. So while my point today is NOT about writing great advertising copy, I will say that many of the so-called marketing gurus of today could learn a lot from the tried and true methods of yesterday. 

So what is the point I’m getting to in my possibly long and convoluted way?

REAL products! 

The Internet age came in only a few short years ago. Originally, it was simply a medium used almost exclusively by universities and large institutions to share ideas and information. 

Then, a few smart people saw a huge untapped opportunity and the e-commerce explosion began. As the incredible momentum of the new industry gathered strength, many new millionaires were made. At first, getting recognition and traffic online was relatively simple. 

As more and more people began to realise the amazing wealth being generated online, the Internet started to explode. In a very short time, millions of people were going online to make their fortune.  It was like an online gold rush!

In that respect, things have not changed over the last few years. People are still going online with the idea that they will soon be rich. However, with the massive increase in online entrepeneurs, getting seen is becoming very difficult, and actually selling anything is becoming next to impossible for most people. 

Why is this so? 

One word. Trust. 

For every good product available online, there are thousands of worthless ones. Virtual products have become the product of choice for thousands of merchants. They require no inventory, no shipping, and very little capital. The problem is, they only exist in cyberspace, and most of them are worthless. Many people are trying to sell them, not realizing that they are worthless. 

As people buy one Get-Rich-Quick website or eBook after another only to find they can’t sell it themselves and they’re getting poorer, they begin to stop trusting anyone. This creates a growing problem as more and more people come online only to get burnt the same way. 

So, what’s the answer? 

The answer is to build trust. Look at the product YOU are trying to market. Is it REAL or is it Memorex? I don’t care what anyone says; the real thing is better than the best copy. (No pun intended!) Even if you close your eyes, listening to a recorded concert will never beat the real thing! You still miss the smells, the feeling of excitement in the air, the presence of other people enjoying the concert with you. The real thing is always better. 

Just as you would not be willing to pay nearly as much for a recording as you would for tickets to your favorite performance, so you would not want to pay good money for a poor imitation of a good product. 

If you want to find a good virtual product to buy and sell, find someone with online experience you can trust. This takes time, but it is time WELL SPENT! It will save you thousands of dollars. There are lots of good people online who would love to help you. It makes them feel good to help, and if they have any worthwhile experience, they know it’s in their best interest to help you. Take the time to get to know them, and find out what they use and would recommend. There are excellent virtual products out there. 

A very good place to start is online communities. They are a great place to meet people who already have strong marketing and interpersonal skills and who love working with and helping others. Most likely, they joined the community to meet other people and develop further working relationships while building their own business. They’ve learned that the way to get ahead themselves is to help others get ahead, whether it directly builds their own business or not. 

The other way to make money on the internet is to sell what I call hard products. These are products that you can actually hold in your hands, like electronics, food, and nutritional products.

“Wait a minute!” you’re saying. “How can I do THAT online?” 

It’s not hard. Build trust. Don’t spend hours and hours trying to sell “stuff”. Spend hours and hours building trust. Make yourself available. Join online communities. Write blog articles. Answer your email. Get to know people. Dump the banner ads off your website and put up an article about yourself, your interests, where you live, etc. 

The people that you build relationships with, online or off, are the people that are going to do business with you. It won’t happen overnight, but if you work at it consistently, you will succeed. 

“But I’ll have to get to know thousands and thousands of people!!” I can almost hear you shout. 

Fantastic!  You’re starting to get it!  This is called “list building,” and this IS what you need to be doing.  But the fact is, it is a little easier than it sounds, because it is not so much that YOU have to get to know thousands and thousands of people, but that they need to get to know YOU.  

You start by joining online communities with the idea that you’re going to meet people who know what they’re doing, learn from them, and find out who has both something to offer that you’re really interested in and who is willing to dedicate themselves to helping you succeed. Don’t start off by trying to flog your own products or programs; instead, just sit back, pay attention, and learn.

Start writing a blog.   Pick something that you are interested in and even passionate about and start writing.  Don’t try selling.  Just start writing and sharing the link to your blog in a friendly way.  People will start following you, and they will start telling their friends about you.  Look for high quality products or services that fit the theme of your blog and place a few small ads on your blog.  Don’t go crazy, and don’t use your blog as a platform to tell everybody to buy your stuff.  

Stick at it!  If you exercise a little patience in the beginning, the rewards in the end will be beyond your wildest dreams! 




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