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I wanted to announce to the membership that after consideration and talking to this person over the last few days, that I have decided that we need to have a community blog Administrator.
This person comes with valuable assets that I believe will be helpful in running the blogging community in a professional and fair manner.
I introduce to you Diane Bjorling.
Hi everyone :-)
Well you know me and after Bogdan approached me and after doing some thinking and seeing if this would be workable with the other companies that I deal with, I have said yes to this position.
While I love blogging and social media, what I really bring to the table is the administrative skills for helping this blogging community be run in a professional as well as ethical manner.
At one point I was the administrator of BlogNetAwards,where I reviewed all sites, did the write ups for the reviews. I also made sure that the rules were followed and answered the questions of those blog owners who were in the contest. It was a truly enjoyable time for me and I hope that one day soon that the award site will be reopened.
I believe in the creativity that blogging can bring to people as well as how content marketing can be a very powerful tool to show the authority of any given person.
I know that many folks feel that blogging is the same as advertising and in a way I would agree with that statement. The difference is that when you blog or doing content marketing a person can talk about anything and show their passion.
To me we dont have to sell all the time to show authority or know how…we can talk about so many things that will have value to others and develop our authority.
Anyways… now you know where I am coming from and what skill I am bringing to this community.
Over the next while, I will be studying this platform in detail so that I can better understand this system as well as any of the guidelines etc. so that I can fulfill this role with the degree of professionalism that I know you wish to see on every aspect of this site.


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Bogdan Fiedur is a Polish-Canadian entrepreneur and is the CEO of Softfornet Solutions Ltd. He started a classifieds business and one of the first online social networks ever to exist, called Adlandpro in 1998.

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