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What do you have in your house? Or Biblical Stewardship inn 2013

  As a saint of God, stewardship is a huge privilege and responsibility; many in this day and age are having a difficult time giving what they would like to the Lord and trying to make ends meet at home. For years now wives have had to leave children and family to help out with(…)


Bullying – Cyberbullying – Social Media

 Lets have an honest dialogue about cyberbullies! While going through my mail today, I was reading of yet another person bullying another person online and a part of me wanted to jump up and go through the computer screen and tell the bully to stop and yet that did not happen as it would not(…)


Online Marketing Success Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies!   Win Cars, Trips and Dreams! You see it all the time as more and more people turn to the Internet to for a source of income. Win this car!  Join me on our next International all expense paid vacation!  Money, money, $$$MONEY$$$ It all out there and yes, it is possible!(…)